Gyroscope Parts

Swissway specializes in the precision machining of miniature parts. Parts shown include: Gyroscope parts - thrust bearings; adjustment screws (threaded on the outside and the inside, Swissway cuts fine pitched threads up to 314 per inch.); titanium rollers. Also shown: orthopedic implants.

Computer Circuitry Harness

The intricacy and difficult-to-hold shape requires the highest standards of precise machining. Swissway has manufactured thousands of different computer parts, ranging form single prototypes to production runs of 10,000 or more.

Implant Components

Components for ligament reconstruction. Swissway Inc. manufactures these difficult to hold parts using titanium and a multi-step process including turning, milling, drilling, deburring and polishing.

Perfectly Matched Pairs

Swissway devised an innovative process definition to manufacture this part. A special fixture was created to hold the part for numerous steps to cut productions costs. Each part is subject to Swissway's rigid process control standards to eliminate defects.

Medical Burrs & Drills

A series of bone burrs and drills for the medical industry. Medical device manufacturers and the doctors who buy their products depend on Swissway precision and attention to detail.

Aircraft Hydraulics

These parts are components in an aircraft hydraulic system. Pilots and crew depend on their smooth operation, flight after flight.