Our Services

What We Do For Our Customers:

Swissway solves problems and prevents future problems. Our customers usually come to us looking simply for a part to be manufactured. But we supply not only the part itself, we also include state-of -the-art manufacturing techniques and equipment, highly qualified engineers and operators and the confidence that the part is dependable and well made. Swissway parts are rarely the final product themselves, but they make our customers' assemblies better, which is our ultimate objective.

Creating Opportunities:

Because we can create new approaches to manufacturing parts, we often create opportunities for our customers. We may suggest a design change that saves some material or time, thus reducing the cost of the part. Or process definition recommendation may make a part easier to produce. Finally, the flexibility of our operation means we can meet short-term deadlines with ease to help our customers meet their production schedules.

How We do It:

Swissway combines process definition with process control to produce precision products, every time. There may be a number of ways to produce any given part, but there is only one best way. Our experience and application of industry fundamentals mean Swissway can find the best approach first, to the benefit of our customers and ourselves. Our operators have been specially trained by Swissway experts to follow rigid guidelines of process definition and control so that the last part is exactly the same as the first. A key role is played by our unrelenting attention to the quality control throughout our production cycle, which assures our customers that each part is perfect. We will not supply a defective part.