Seven Ways Swissway Quality Saves You Money

Doing our part to be perfect - Nothing is more profitable than a flawless production line running with minimal downtime and bottlenecks. But little details, often overlooked in the production process, can lead to big expenses for time and material. At Swissway, our parts are produced with your manufacturing process in mind. Our focus is on delivering perfect parts time after time, speeding your overall production process.

  1. Swissway quality control reduces inspection time - because our parts are produced with innovative process controls developed over the last 30 years, we promise zero defect performance. That means less inspection time for you and faster transition to actual production for your products.
  2. Eliminate sorting and returning of defective parts - each part we produce is made perfectly or it does not leave our plant. Like you, we don't want to spend time dealing with defective parts and returns, so our goal is not to make any. That way, every part is ready for use at your plant.
  3. Plan your work, work your plan, your plan works - all this is true when you can depend on reliable, on-time supply of components. At Swissway, that's part of the product we sell. We will make our deadline commitments because we know it's just as important as well made parts. You can depend on parts to be ready when you are and that the reliable flow of parts will prevent costly interruptions to your assembly line.
  4. Keeping perfect parts perfect - after we spend the time to make a part exactly right, we make sure we keep it that way when we preapare for shipping. Proper packaging of each part means each one arrives ready for assembly with no nicks, dents, or scratches which could lead to a defective part, or even worse, a defective assembly.
  5. Clean and corrosion free products save time - included in our carerful packaging is attention to preventing corrosion of individual parts. A corroded part may perform poorly or even prevent proper function of an assembly. We make sure each part is corrosion free, clean and ready for assembly when it's shipped from our plant. No further cleaning saves time and labor costs for our customers.
  6. Faster tracking and checking of parts - is made possible by our careful attention to the individual needs of each customer's inventory and accounting systems. Each shipment of our products is clearly and carefully labeled according to the exact requirements of our customers. Proper part numbers, purchase order numbers and certifications speed receiving and should ease paperwork for inspection and accounting purposes.
  7. Machine made precision, handmade excellence - even the best Swiss machined parts can have slight imperfections after the machining process. That's why we give our precision machines a human touch by hand deburring our parts as one of our manufacturing steps. Mass finishing technologies used by other companies can distort or otherwise damage delicate parts. In addition, mass deburring can lead to unnecessary removal of material from individual parts. Hand deburring allows us to give attention to the detail of each part.

The cost of repairing or rebuilding an assembly with a bad part can be many times the cost of building it right the first time. Repairs usually have to be done off line and by hand and require expensive labor.

Every part you buy from Swissway includes all of the added value which avoids assembly line interruptions, leading to the lowest final cost for your precision parts.

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